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2011 siteIQ eBusiness Index | Business Software | Symantec steals 1st, Microsoft flops to 2nd, and Adobe wrestles with 3rd. Usability counts.*

2011 Business Software Website Report

And the Winner Is…

Usability & Effectiveness:
Content, Features & Capabilities:

2011 | Business Software | Star Rating

Each business software site’s redesign over the past year has caused content and features to shrink on a huge scale. But did these diets help the sites’ usability scores? At least one Website should think so. Here’s the rundown from first place to last:

  1. Any Web team that focuses on site usability should put at the top of its watch list. This site’s usability ranking not only debuted at number 2 on the siteIQ Enterprise Software Index, but held its number 1 position in usability while stealing first place in overall performance from in the siteIQ Business Software Index. Not bad for a year’s work.
  2.’s site reductions during its rolling redesign took a toll on its performance this year. It is still the ten-ton gorilla in the business software segment, but its third place usability ranking is pure monkey business.
  3.’s story is similar to’s. It is the smallest of the business software sites reviewed—and it got smaller over the course of the year. But unlike, brings in relatively admirable usability scores. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to reach any of the brass rings in 2011.

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  1. Tim Bishop Reply

    Does it seem odd to anyone that the number one company gets less than “below average”?

    • Marty Gruhn Reply

      Thanks for your comment Tim — which prompted me to take a look at our Business Software ranking report. Turns out that actually rates three stars. It was noted in the report — but the graph you reference wasn’t updated correctly. We’ve made the change and updated everyone’s report. Thanks for keeping us honest!

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