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Website Launch: 5 things you should know about*

There’s no doubt that the new is channeling’s hyper-sleek design, bold imagery and crisp content – with a decided enterprise twist.

Last week we took it for a test drive – and learned five important things.

The new fared nicely in our latest eBusiness Index usability rankings, jumping from 10th to 8th in a single year.

We’re not surprised. is a perfect example of new “less is more” designs sweeping over the Web. It also shows what can happen when you revamp a site from stem to stern, instead of doing it in pieces.

We took for an in-depth test drive to see what good practices and innovations it brings to the party. At the top of the list are five things:

  1. Icons can be more than eye candy. In addition to their usual duties,’s contextual icons are solving difficult navigation problems.
  2. Pristine designs love snacking architectures. is educating its visitors by providing marketing content in small bites throughout the click stream, instead of a single monster page at the end.
  3. is a poster child for product marketing – Twitter style. The site’s single-sentence navigation descriptions aren’t much shorter than the product marketing overviews.
  4. K.I.S.S. can create great mega-menus.’s mega-menu isn’t full of bells and whistles like the perennial mega-menu favorite, Its new stylish mega-menu proves that less can be more.
  5. A microsite truce is actually possible (hooray!) has come up a new way to achieve peace with microsite owners – hidden navigation.

We’ve profiled the new in a new case study in the Library – complete with screenshots of some of its most interesting innovations.

Not a Library subscriber? You can learn more here.

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