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How IBM and Adobe make Hamburger Menus work for Enterprise

Using hamburger menus on desktop designs is one of the most hotly contested UX issues these days. But there are enterprise-class sites using hamburger menus with success -- including two of the biggest names in IT. new dog, new tricks

HP's recent spinoff, HP Enterprise, has a shiny new site, But is it really a game changer? Or is the new just the old baggage at a new address?

2015 siteIQ Index | IBM gets the gold, Cisco takes silver, and HP snags the bronze (finally!),, hold on to the coveted Top 3 spots in 2015, but three other sites are gearing up to knock them off their golden perches.

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FieldNote: SAP puts a savvy new twist on content personalization

Personalization is starting to become de rigeur again among leading IT Web teams. is fiddling with a particularly interesting approach that threads content based on the starting page. Interesting.

  •'s real time intelligence is a great tool for some needs

FieldNote: If the “Voice of the Customer” is on your dance card this year . . .

I recently stumbled across a blog describing data from the Usabilla service that tracks real time feedback from site users. Turns out this service could be used for a lot more than your rank and file "do you love me?" surveys.

FieldNote: Cisco aces search (again) with a little help from its friend Google teamed with Google to virtually banish the dreaded "Sorry, no search results found" message. The solution wasn't hard to find, they had to throw in the towel first.