Given the competing designs, features and mountains of content on every site, that’s almost impossible to figure out.

Until now., and operate four star Good Practice support sites. 4th place ranks first in usabilityTo identify which sites should be on your (and our) online support best practices radar, we evaluated the biggest and the best. We cataloged and evaluated 111 types of support features & content. Put each site through its usability paces from a cranky customer’s point of view.

And what did we find? If you want to follow the best of the best you only have to pay attention to 5 sites —,,,, and

This report is a master plan you can use to build a world-class online support site.

It starts by giving you the big picture about which sites have the most complete features & capabilities portfolios – and deliver best-in- class usability.

Then it drills down into the details you need to know to update your online support site.

    • Which sites have the best usability based on 10 important usability issues
    • A master list of the 111 types of features & capabilities your support site should provide – and the leading sites that produce them.


 Online Support Requirements | Master Plan

This report includes a master plan that identifies 111 types of support content, features & capabilities -- and current industry and competitive requirements

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Category:  Report

Class: Industry Requirements and Master Plan

Websites Profiled: The 23 sites on the siteIQ eBusiness Index

Pages: 32

Illustrations: 23 detailed ranking and ratings graphs. The Master Plan identifies 111 support content, features & capabilities requirements and capabilities for all sites in the study.

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