’s new interactive feature is a piece of marketing finesse well beyond the reach (and budgets) of most Web teams.

But the twist in the story is that it uses something that every team can (and should) have at the top of their list in 2013.

We recently profiled a case study about’s brilliant use of video to tell its marketing story. Now has marched into the interactive video hall of fame with a new feature that pushes that ball even further down the field.

Since a picture’s worth a thousand words – and these great moments tend to evaporate on the Web at the drop of a hat – we’ve posted a nifty video below that walks you through the whole experience from the visitor’s point of view.

But here’s the twist in the plot.’s new video feature rings in more than just a new experience. It proves that

Infographics are hitting the tipping point – and are starting to divide the good from the truly inspired. is the current master of whimsy --- and this image that shows readers how a carrot goes to market is one of our favorites. Our POV? When you want to create an infographic that rings with visitors -- be a carrot.Whether it’s IBM’s Smarter Planet zone’s whimsical renditions,’s truly elegant treatment in this new video, or the infographics on’s new home page, these fact-based snippets of information are amazingly powerful ways for you to create credibility, capture your visitor’s attention, and put your marketing story into their business context.

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