Usability Report | 116 usability questions you should ask your site (and why)

There’s nothing worse than having all of the answers when you can’t figure out the questions. That’s why we created this handy reference that mirrors what we look for during our usability evaluations.

B2B Strategies | The B2B buying process — from your customer’s point of view

Most Web teams spend a gazillion hours trying to craft Websites that will ring with their B2B buyers. They pour over visitor satisfaction surveys. Track visitor click streams with the intensity of a big game safari. Throw out mountains of content and interactive gizmos to entice and e [...]

The 390 Things Your Partners Want From You

In a world where mega sites like IBM’s PartnerWorld set the content & resources tune, what kinds of content & capabilities do your partners expect from you?

Support Rankings | is number one, but Dell takes 2nd and 3rd

Best-in-class Websites deliver online support in two ways: -- Publicly accessible support content, which includes vendor-created technical documents and access to customer communities & forums; and/or, -- Fee-based support programs (per incident; contract-based). To assess how eff [...]

eCommerce Rankings | Our 2013 Home/Home Office entrants make an ecommerce splash that upsets all the rankings

World-class ecommerce starts long before a buyer enters an online store. The process starts with marketing content & features that: --Clarify buying options and processes; --Encourages the visitor to take the next step; and --Leads the visitor to an ecommerce zone that is easy to [...]

Call to Action Rankings | Symantec, HP (H/O), Dell, IBM, and Cisco take Best Practice gold

The term “call to action” defines how effectively a Website identifies the buying process and encourages prospects to engage with a salesperson or reseller. Best-in-class sites provide at least one call to action feature on every product, services, and solutions marketing page. To ass [...]

Channel/Partner Marketing Rankings |’s investment pays off, shares the wealth, and gets the gold

Websites are an excellent platform to engage with channel & alliance partners and resellers. Most channel zones (partner, reseller, alliances) must do triple duty by (1) allowing visitors to find a partner or reseller; (2) marketing the company’s channel programs to potential part [...]

Industry Marketing Rankings | slips past — and is hot on their heels

Industry marketing zones allow companies to market and sell products and services to visitors that are customized to their unique business needs and requirements. Best-in-class Websites build their industry-specific zones around a common set of content and features that ensure a consi [...]

Services Marketing Rankings | and make huge plays — and steal first place from

World-class services marketing requires the Website to start the dialog with the customer’s problem or issue and present services as a solution to the problem. Smart organizations extend this marketing architecture by providing a wealth of content that illustrates the organization’s c [...]

Product Marketing Rankings | has all of the right stuff, makes them usable — but wins it all

Product marketing is the cornerstone strategy for most Websites—and success requires a complex ballet of relevant content, features, and capabilities that are easy to locate and give potential buyers the information they need to educate colleagues or make a buying decision. Best-in-cl [...]