Sometimes your internal metrics don’t tell the real story.

You need an independent, expert team (that’s us) to put your site through its usability and content paces. Give you the facts about your site’s real strengths & weaknesses. How it stacks up to competitors — industry best practices — and your B2B visitors’ needs and expectations.

siteIQ Website Evaluations are in-depth reviews of your
Website from your visitor’s point of view.

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Usability Review


Results you can act on

Information isn’t useful unless you can act on it. That’s why our evaluations are packed full of the details you need to . . .

Get the big picture

Accurately pinpoint where your Website performs in 18 Website categories and compare it to selected competitive sites.

See how your site compares to selected competitors in 18 Website categories. Then use your content master plan and usability reports to laser focus your teams on the specific changes that will make a difference.

Get detailed facts about your site’s real usability strengths and challenges — and see how it competes with selected competitive sites. 145 usability metrics focus on the issues that make or break your B2B visitor’s experience.

Drill down into your site’s usability

When usability is the issue, the devil’s in the details. See how your site performs based on 145 core B2B usability issues.

Identify your strengths

Content isn’t useful unless you can find it — understand it — share it — and convert it into sales. Get the facts about where your site hits the good practice mark (and why).

See how your site’s usability scores impact your overall user experience — and where your site places on the innovation and design scale. Use these results to focus on your site’s specific navigation and content challenges.
Get the bird’s eye view of how 18 areas of your site perform based on industry, competitive & best practice standards. Then use your content master plan and usability reports to pinpoint missing content — and fix site areas that miss the usability mark.

Pinpoint your challenges

Every part of your Website needs to do its job. Accurately identify the areas of your site that need your team’s time and attention.

Create an actionable content marketing plan

Does your site have all of the content visitors need and expect? Find the holes in your B2B content — and then focus your teams on creating content that counts.

Find the holes in your B2B content with a complete copy of the benchmark used to evaluate your site — and create a fact-based content marketing plan. Identify current competitive requirements. See the content that advances the B2B buying process — and compare your site to selected competitors.

Use siteIQ to . . .

  • Establish a baseline to measure the real impact of your Website launches and updates
  • Plan & prioritize your content marketing activities
  • Track your Website’s progress against key competitors and changing industry requirements

  • Accurately identify your site’s usability strengths & challenges
  • Identify how your Website compares to target competitive sites
  • Inspire & educate your team members —and gain agreement on current challenges and future objectives

How do your customers see your Website?

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