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Report:Case Study
Date:April 06, 2011

Case Study | IBM Smarter Planet | Content

2011 | | Smarter Planet | Content
The content on IBM’s Smarter Planet site breaks the long standing mold of dull, dense IT Website content. It is written by people, for people. It is as interesting as it is enjoyable to read. And it does an amazing job of connecting technology to real-world scenarios that even non-techies can understand.



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    For the bulk of its 100 years, IBM has been the icon of the monolithic, faceless organization. The Machine. The “Man”. The System. This reputation was so entrenched that its employees were endowed with a unique nickname: “The blue suits”. Therefore it is surprising—no shocking—that IBM should be the first company to successfully transform itself from a corporation into a clan. And its Website has played no small role in its metamorphosis.

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    It is easy to say IBM’s Smarter Planet site is innovative and easy on the eyes. But there is a lot more that makes this design work than just an interesting layout and pretty pictures.

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    IBM’s Smarter Planet site is a real stunner that hits on all cylinders. A totally innovative, very high-impact, page design, that is as engaging as it is usable. A visitor can’t ask for more.

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