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The siteIQ eBusiness Index

Think of the siteIQ eBusiness Index as best practice homework. We do.

We launched the siteIQ eBusiness Index in 2000 to do four important things.

  1. Identify which Websites are setting best practice standards on the IT Web.
  2. Track and report on innovations, capabilities, & strategies that are changing the rules.
  3. Identify exactly what these sites deliver, where it is, and why it matters.
  4. Create a competitive blueprint other Web teams can use to lead, follow, or get out of the way.

How We Do It

  • We Pick the Players

    Each year we pick 23 Websites to be on the siteIQ eBusiness Index. These sites are selected from six industries that represent different business models on the Web. Each year, the roster includes the usual suspects that everyone wants to know about (IBM, HP, Dell, Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft, Apple) – plus competitive sites that are doing interesting things.
  • Put them through their paces

    Twice a year we evaluate and audit these Websites using the siteIQ Best Practice Benchmark – which is based on over 1,500 types of content, features & capabilities found on these leading Websites – and 142 metrics that measure usability from the visitor’s point of view. All of this criteria is organized into 18 categories that map to the major areas of a B2B Website. (Oh, and one more thing. We update our benchmarks every year.)
  • Pinpoint moments of brilliance

    Each month, we complete in-depth best practice scans to identify new designs, innovations, and moments of brilliance delivered by these sites (plus the 30 additional sites on our Watch List). We drill down into these best practices – and why they matter – in our best practice case studies.
  • Rank & rate them – and publish the results

    The results from these and other siteIQ evaluations are available to our Best Practice Library members.

"In a world of innovative new designs & behaviors, re-upholstering a few pieces of furniture isn’t enough [for HP Networking] to make the cut."

2014 Index Preview | Will 'business as usual' keep Cisco at the top of the rankings?

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