B2B Strategies | The B2B buying process — from your customer’s point of view

Most Web teams spend a gazillion hours trying to craft Websites that will ring with their B2B buyers. And most of them fail. Why? Because the real secret to building a B2B powerhouse starts with clearly understanding — and aligning your Website

Website Design: 8 sites that get it — and 6 sites that don’t

I’ve been watching the whole grid/adaptive design and short-form content revolution roll out in slow motion over the past couple of years. So how’s the revolution going? To see, I spent some quality time on 17 major sites on our eBusiness Index. Turns out it’s playing out in four ways.

Search Rankings | Cisco has the features — but Dell.com takes the usability prize

Once upon a time, search was pretty simple. Put out a box, fiddle with some “advanced search” explanations, spend some quality man-months meta-tagging mountains of content—and let the rest take care of itself. Today, however, a new roster of features & capabilities are changing the rules.

Strategy | Cisco.com’s revolutionary services marketing strategy redefines less-is-more design

The Cisco.com team was just another army writing volumes of services content when they decided to redesign the Services zone in a revolutionary way. They stripped it bare, sent all of the detailed content somewhere else – and focused the new & improved site on what Cisco can do and why customers should care.

Content Strategy | Cisco.com pushes the interactive video envelope – and accidentally triggers an infographics tipping point

Cisco.com’s new interactive feature is a piece of marketing finesse well beyond the reach (and budgets) of most Web teams. But the twist in the story is that it uses something that every team can (and should) have at the top of their list in 2013.

eSelling Moment of Brilliance | When you can’t or won’t publish product prices, remember Sun.com

Although Sun.com went off the airwaves more than three years ago, there’s still plenty of lessons to be learned from this award-winning Website. Publishing product prices is one of them.

Online Registration Forms | 25 questions you can ask — and 80 questions you shouldn’t

When we set out to take a close look at online registration practices, we already knew that these features were, shall we say, “problem children” for most Website teams. How did we know this? Because we’ve been fielding questions about best and worst registration practices for at least ten years.